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Ellen Lee DeGeneres (born 26 Jan 1958 in Metairie, Louisianna), American comedian, actress, and television host. She won 12 Emmy Awards for her stand-up comedy. Ellen starred in the movies Mr. Wrong, EDtv, Finding Nemo (Dory); and on televisions shows Ellen and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres signed with Amercian Express as their spokesmodel in November 2004. In September 2008 she signed with CoverGirl and Olay as the spokesmodel for their Simply Ageless makeup line. "Her beauty and down-to-earth personality fit perfectly with what CoverGirl represents," said CoverGirl spokesperson. Ellen is the face of Glaceau VitaminWater campaign (2010).

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Ellen DeGeneres, CoverGirl, Marie Claire
Marie Claire - Oct 2009 (15th Anniversary)
Ellen DeGeneres - CoverGirl

15 Years of Beauty Breakthroughs
The Supermodel Starlet: "Much to the dismay of models everywhere, the mid-'90s marked the Hollywood invasion of their sacred turf: Stars began landing sever-figure contracts with beauty companies and snagging high-profile magazine covers (MC's first celeb cover was a pre-drama Jen Aniston in '96). What started with just a handful of actress endorsements - Juliette Binoche for Lancome in 1996; Jennifer Love Hewitt for Neutrogena in 1998 - snowballed into a full-fledged celebrity coup. Then, J.Lo's 2002 fragrance hit, Glow, started a star-scent firestorm, green-lighting even the most unlikely celeb-as-perfumer deals (Power by 50 Cent, anyone?). On the plus side, the latest partnerships are also breaking traditional beauty boundaries, with CoverGirl signing funny girl Ellen DeGeneres in 2008 and L'Oreal snagging Bollywood beauty (and Slumdog Millionaire lead) Freida Pinto this year." Ellen DeGeneres for CoverGirl & Olay, 2008: CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation, $13.99.